If you are looking for the birthplace of modern day Australia, look no further than Botany. This historically significant suburb to home to Botany Bay where Captain James Cook first landed the HMS Endeavour in 1770 on Australian soil. This is where the British settlers first sailed to if they wanted to start a new life in Australia. This makes it very fitting that Botany is next to Sydney Airport, the modern day departure and landing spot for those wanting to either leave or enter the country.
As such, it makes a lot of sense that people would want to move here, so they can be right in the heart of Australian history and have quick access to the rest of the world, as well as Sydney itself. Naturally, those people would want a house that looks like it belongs in such a location. Mint Bathroom & Kitchen Renovations are available to do bathroom renovations and kitchen renovations work in Botany, and elsewhere in Sydney, to make give your home the look you desire.

Bathroom renovations in Botany

Bathroom renovations are a common type of home improvement project that can bring new life into your house by making it look more modern and operate more practically. Mint Bathroom & Kitchen Renovations offer our clients an outstanding bathroom renovation and installation service around Botany and other parts of Sydney. Our bathroom renovations specialists can work with your budget to help you attain the bathroom design you want and ensure that you still have plenty of money for your other expenses. Our qualified tradesmen are available to install baths, toilets, showers, basins, vanities, mirrors, and other fittings as part of your bathroom renovations project.

Kitchen renovations in Botany

Kitchens are not just where you prepare your meals and store your food and cooking utensils. Kitchens are functional living spaces that are one of the key rooms in any home, and they need to be designed not only look great, but also make it easy to cook in. Mint Bathroom & Kitchen Renovations have over 10 years of experience in kitchen renovation work in houses around Botany, meaning we are aware of what type of kitchen design would suit any house in the area. Our service can be planned to suit your budget by speaking with us before work commences. Our planning allows us to build new cabinets, sinks, faucets, flooring, countertops, and other fixtures that will suit your kitchen.

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